Some Things that You Need to Know About the Fiber Optic Cable image
Though the fiber optic cables would look just like the traditional copper cables but you need to always remember that inside the fiber cables are actually fragile glass fibers that can be broken readily when not handled in the right way. During the fiber cable installation, you should keep two really important things in mind. One is that the installer should not overbend the fiber cable over the minimum bend radius. The other is that the cable should not be pulled over the manufacturer's specification on cable pulling tension. For more information about the fiber optic cable installation companies, follow the link.

The fiber cables come with a minimum bend radius specification provided by the manufacturers. Such is the minimum curve radius when bending the fiber cable in the installation process or after such installation in the final resting position. Also, you can make larger curves but not the smaller than specified one.

Those fiber optic cables have individual fibers or strands. Those individual fibers come with a minimum bend radius specification as well that is about 2 to 3 cm and is a lot smaller than those jacket cables. When the fiber cable is bent past the MBR, then you must know that such is a really big factor in causing damage to the fiber cable installation projects. Such practice may either break the inside fibers or increase such fiber power loss or attenuation over the manufacturer's specification. Though those inside fibers are broken already, you may not be able to see any physical damage to its outside jacket. However, the consequence is that you need to replace the entire section or the whole length of the cable. As a good practice, all of the fibers should be thoroughly tested following the cable installation. Visit the official site for more information about O.B. One Communications.

When it comes to fiber optic cable installation, it is very important that the task is done by a really reliable professional in order to avoid issues that could take place. It is quite important that you would choose the right professional or experts to handle this job so that you can get the best results and for you to make sure that there is no damage to the fiber optic cables that would take place. There are surely various things that must be avoided and only the experts know these very well. For any installation that deals with this kind of cable, then it is quite important that this is left to the expert.